Through movement practices I have found a deep appreciation for the body, recognizing how profoundly powerful, expressive and political our beings are. Through dancing I feel I can truly inhabit myself, embrace my aliveness, be present to sensation and acknowledge my power. I can face my fears, be vulnerable and share my experience. I have a continuous desire to dig deeper into somatic practices exploring my humanity through internal landscapes of expression. I feel as a culture we have become so disconnected from our bodies. Through my work, I hope to invite people to reflect on and connect with their own body and sensations. Dance for me is a celebratory and inclusive happening of all movement in all bodies. In this way I think dance can be a powerful practice of playful, curious, uninhibited embodiment and self discovery. It is a way to embrace ourselves completely in the present as we are. I have always spent my time creating, it's what makes me feel alive. Through working in dance, I've become excited with how choreography can be a place for questioning, while performance a place to be present in the moment. The activist inside me is interested in how art can prompt social change. I create my work, through a feminist lens, as a call to action. I hope to break apart the objectified representations of the body, to magnify what it really is; alive with skin, bones, and organs, a container of sensation, knowledge, history, emotion and experience. My intention is to magnify, comment on and create dialogue around, issues within our society that I feel connected with. I want to use my work to push for change, to inspire, build community and inclusivity while raising critical consciousness and awareness. I am interested in examining and disturbing our social etiquette and accepted normalities of how we should act, manipulate and censor our bodies. To give material form to the socio-political in my work I combine dance, visual art, sound, film and objects to create thought provoking performances. I often work with long duration, installation, site specific, community engagement and guerrilla performance. Time and transformation of the body, specificity and abandon, simplicity, consumption, subverting and magnifying the everyday are some themes I explore through my work. Creating collaboratively and across disciplines is a large part of my ongoing practice. Through my role as a director and facilitator, I strive to create an open, inclusive, non-hierarchal, positive space to allow for communication, the sharing of ideas, histories and experiences within the process, and through the work. This is important to me as I feel the process of creation can be as progressive and revolutionary as the completed work.

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