SHINY is a multidisciplinary performance that explores and challenges the beauty standards enforced upon women through mass media. The work explores the masking and erasure of the individual through the bizarre sameness of the beauty standard and magnifies the surreal, the grotesque, the mundane and the violence involved in the quest for ‘perfection’.  

Created & performed by Kelly McInnes in collaboration with 

Performers: Maxine Chadburn & Rianne Svelnis, Mentors / Outside Eyes: Delia Brett & Justine Chambers, Apprentice: Hayley Rose Gawthrop, Costume / Set: Kelly McInnes & Roxanne Nesbitt, 
Lighting Designer: Celeste English, Photo / Video/ Stage Manager: Sophia Wolfe, Publicity: Debora Gordan

Photos & Video: Sophia Wolfe




FAC Residency 

ArtScape Gibraltor Point

Toronto, O.N.

May 2015



Wells, B.C.

August 2015


Project CPR 6.1

The Dance Centre

Vancouver, B.C.

September 2015


FAC 2015


Toronto, O.N.

September 2015


Art For Impact

Alternative Studios

Vancouver, B.C.

December 2015

rEvolver Festival

The Cultch

Vancouver, B.C.

June 2017

Left of Main

Vancouver, B.C.

December 2018





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