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Photo by: Sophia Wolfe; Performer: Rianne Svelnis

Through the multidisciplinary performance, SHINY, Kelly McInnes explores and challenges impossible beauty standards. SHINY  highlights the absurd quest for perfection through surreal, grotesque, yet mundane means, and examines the masking of the individual as they pursue the bizarre sameness portrayed in the media's beauty standards. 





























Concept, Choreography & Performance: by Kelly McInnes in collaboration with 

Performers: Maxine Chadburn, Rianne Švelnis / Maggie McGhee & Luciana D’Anunciação


Mentors / Outside Eyes: Delia Brett & Justine Chambers 

Creative Support / Apprentice: Hayley Rose Gawthrop

Costume / Set: Kelly McInnes, Roxanne Nesbitt & Ileanna Cheladyn

Lighting Designer: Jessica Han

The creation of SHINY has been made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, FAC Residency and Project CPR. The work has been presented at The Feminist Art Conference (Toronto) 2015, Art for Impact 2015, rEvolver Festival 2017, Left of Main 2017 and the Vancouver International Dance Festival 2019. 

Video by: Sophia Wolfe; Performers: Kelly Mcinnes, Rianne Svelnis & Maxine Chadburn


Photo by: Jo Hirabayashi; Performer: Maggie McGhee

Photo by: Jo Hirabayashi; Performer: Luciana D’Anunciação

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