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Photo by: Kelly McInnes Performer: Rianne Svelnis, Ben Brown & Colin Cowan


MINE is an interactive, multi-disciplinary performance that explores consumption, materialism, identity, value, fast / fashion, history and memory using clothing as the common thread between us all. 






















Concept, Choreography & Performance: Kelly McInnes in collaboration with 

Dancers: Kaitey Desante, Jessica Wilkie, Rianne Švelnis & Sophia Wolfe


Musical Seamstress: Lisa Simpson / Agente Costura

Musicians: Ben Brown, Colin Cowan & Roxanne Nesbitt

MINE has enjoyed performances in many unconventional settings including La Bodega (2013), Casa de la Cultura (2013), The Hop Bop Shop (2014), Emily Carr (2014), Merge (2014), ArtsWells Festival (2014), Sawdust Collector @ Gold Saucer Studio (2016) & Stretch Vancouver (2016). 

The project also evolved into a workshop and creation process for youth in 2016 entitled MINE Youth Project.

Video by: Elissa Hanson; Performers: Kaitey Desante, Jessica Wilkie, Kelly McInnes, Rianne Švelnis & Sophia Wolfe


Photo by: Elliott; Performer: Kaitey Desante, Kelly McInnes & Sophia Wolfe

Photo by: Yvonne Chew; Performer: Lisa Simpson / Agente Costura

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