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Photo by: Jonathan Kim; Performer: Maxine Chadburn


ree-wahyld is an outdoor specific work which explores the shedding of our social etiquette, as a sort of ritual, to indulge in our sensation of touch with natural environments. The work investigates relationships between our bodies, pleasure & the earth. It is a celebration of the wild, sensual, untamed beast inside each of us.






























Concept, Direction & Performance: Kelly McInnes in collaboration with 

Performers: Laura Avery, Maxine Chadburn, Hayley Rose Gawthrop, Rianne Svelnis & Roxanne Nesbitt

ree-wahyld has been presented at Vines Art Festival (2015/16), SKAMpede Festival (2016), ArtsWells Festival (2016) and Festival for Publick Space (2016).

Video by: Rene Sanchez; Performers: Laura Avery, Hayley Gawthrop, Kelly McInnes, Roxanne Nesbitt & Rianne Svelnis


Photo by: Rene Sanchez; Performer: Kelly McInnes & Rianne Svelnis


Photo by: Jonathan Kim; Performer: Kelly McInnes

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