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Rolling Boil

Photo by: Yvonne Chew; Performer: Rianne Svelnis & Kelly McInnes

Rolling Boil is a gathering, a conjuring, a ritual and a subversion. The audience, as witnesses, are necessary to complete this spell. Through breathe, unison, repetition, and precision, dance artists Rianne Švelnis & Kelly McInnes blur the lines between the flesh of their dancing bodies and the flesh of the world around them. 


A rolling boil requires much more energy than simmering, and is often discouraged because it can break up or alter the shape of ingredients. 


Rolling boil is an energetic transmission with audience, space and the natural world. We come together and invite presence and patience, that is so often discouraged. Together through this process, we transform. Together, we are searching, feeling, expelling, healing. 































Concept, Choreography & Performance: Kelly McInnes and Rianne Švelnis

The creation of Rolling Boil was made possible through Pressed Paradise's Special Project Residency at The Dance Centre in Spring 2017. The work has been presented at The Dance Centre rooftop patio (2017), FUSE: A Conjuring @ Vancouver Art Gallery (2017) and Espacio Expectante (2017). 

Video by: Sophia Wolfe; Performers: Rianne Svelnis & Kelly McInnes


Photo by: Yvonne Chew; Performer: Rianne Švelnis & Kelly McInnes

Photo by: Yvonne Chew; Performer: Kelly McInnes & Rianne Švelnis

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