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Photo by: Gen Gibler; Performers: Areli Moran, Kelly Mcinnes, Rianne Svelnis


A MENOS QUE QUIERAS BAILAR (Unless you want to dance) is a collaboration between Canadian artists Rianne Švelnis, Kelly McInnes and Mexican Berlin-based artist Areli Moran.


15 guests are invited to a ceremony that investigates the senses through the bizarre and the familiar; from a cup of tea to the performer's shapeshifting bodies. A MENOS QUE QUIERAS BAILAR brings sweet attention to the awkwardness, the humour and the pleasure in how we are together and to things that can be overlooked in our everyday lives. 





























Concept, Choreography & Performance: Kelly McInnes, Rianne Svelnis & Areli Moran

The creation and development of A MENOS QUE QUIERAS BAILAR has been made possible through residence at Marta Marta's the HopBopShop, Espacio Expectante and Lake Studios Berlin, along with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. The work has been presented at Espacio Expectante 2017, KW Studios 2018 and Lake Studios Berlin 2019.

Video by: Areli Moran; Performers: Kelly Mcinnes, Rianne Švelnis & Areli Moran

Photo by: Rianne Svelnis; Performer: Rianne Svelnis


Photo by: Rianne Svelnis; Performer: Kelly McInnes

Photo by: Gen Gibler; Performer: Rianne Svelnis & Kelly McInnes

MX-CAN 1220 20.jpg

Photo by: Gen Gibler; Performer: Rianne Svelnis & Kelly McInnes


Photo by: Gen Gibler; Performer: Areli Moran

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