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Blue Space

Photo by: Sophia Wolfe; Performer: Kelly McInnes

Blue Space, a solo created and performed by Kelly McInnes, explores humanity’s intrinsic relationship to water. The work embodies the tensions between the healing that water offers us, along with our exploitation of it.

Blue Space is a reflection, a prayer and a mourning. It is hope, action, confusion, grief. It is remembering and healing. A celebration of oceans within oceans, waterfalls from wet eyes. Blue Space is all shades of blue.































Concept, Choreography & Performance: Kelly McInnes


Lighting Designer: Jessica Han


Creative Support: Ziyian Kwan, Hayley Gawthrop, Eddy Van Wyk


Blue Space premiered in November 2019 as part of New Works at Night series at The Annex in Vancouver, B.C. in a double bill alongside Olivia Shaffer's Senescence. ​The work has also been presented at Dance in Vancouver at The Dance Centre in November 2021.

Development of Blue Space has been supported by Canada Council for the Arts & BC Arts Council.

Video by: Sophia Wolfe; Performer: Kelly Mcinnes


Photo by: Juan Contreras; Performer: Kelly McInnes

Photo by: Juan Contreras; Performer: Kelly McInnes