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36 arrangements

Photo by: Sammy Chien; Performer: Kelly McInnes, Sophia Wolfe & Matilda Cobanli 

36 arrangements is an interactive performance installation created and performed with Matilda Cobanli and Sophia Wolfe. Different seating arrangements and chair configurations take audiences to a place, situation, event or memory. Through the moving of chairs and bodies over time the artists explore the preparation of a space, proposing order as an invitation. 

Video by: CAG; Performers: Matilda Cobanli, Kelly McInnes & Sophia Wolfe

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Matilda Cobanli, Kelly McInnes & Sophia Wolfe 


36 arrangements was created and performed at The Russian Hall during the Contemporary Art Galley's Youth Visual Art & Dance Intensive in summer 2014 under the mentorship of Justine A. ChambersDelia Brett and Daelik


Photo by: Sammy Chien; Performer: Matilda Cobanli, Kelly McInnes & Sophia Wolfe

Photo by: Sammy Chien; Performer: Sophia Wolfe

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