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At House, At Home

Photo by: Sheng Ho

A performance installation by Claris Figueira, Elissa Hanson & Kelly McInnes


Home can be a place - of safety, comfort and care. Perhaps a person or a feeling. But it can also be a privatization of space that supports individualist values. Supporting a ‘me, myself and I' mentality conditioned so well through capitalist society, I care for myself-- my house, all of my belongings, and nothing beyond.  Through At House, At Home, we reflect upon how this way of being conflicts with our natural environment and question how, in expanding our notion of home to the planet we live on, we can move towards a sustainable way of living that truly takes care of our collective home of earth.


What happens when we test the limits of our enclosures?  When we test the seams of walls which we intend to shelter us and yet which sometimes threaten to crush us?  In At House, At Home, we press up against the boundaries in which all of us reside-- the limits of comfort, compassion, and even  courage--to ask what it could mean to surpass or unravel those limits.  What does it mean to step outside of our individual stories and embrace a fuller questioning of place and belonging, and a collective responsibility for the extended spaces we occupy?

At House, At Home was created at Trout Lake Park and commissioned for Vines Art Festival 2017. 


Photo by: Sheng Ho

Photo by: Sheng Ho

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