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This is not my body

Photo by: Sammy Chien; Performer: Hayley, Gawthrop, Rianne Svelnis & Sophia Wolfe

Inside a sidewalk window, This is not my body brings covergirl-faced mannequins alive. This piece is an offshoot of SHINY





























Concept, Choreography & Performance: by Kelly McInnes in collaboration with 

Performers: Hayley Gawthrop, Rianne Švelnis & Sophia Wolfe

This is not my body was commissioned for The Dance Centre: Dance in Vancouver's This is a Full Length (2015) curated by Justine A. Chambers. The work was again presented at The Dance Centre for PuSH OFF (2016) & as part of Pressed Paradise's special project residency. 

Video by: Sophia Wolfe; Performers: Kelly Mcinnes, Rianne Svelnis & Maxine Chadburn


Photo by: Sammy Chien; Performer: Kelly McInnes & Sophia Wolfe

Photo by: Kelly McInnes; Performer: Rianne Svelnis

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