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Exquisite Dust

Left to Right / Top to Bottom Photos by: Yvonne Chew; Performers: Eddy Van Wyk, Maggie Mcghee, Luciana D'Anunciação, Hayley Gawthrop

Exquisite Dust is ritual, prayer, antidote. It is aliveness unfolding. It is remembering what it is to be of the earth. To be a body. To be wild. It is an invitation to notice and to feel. An invitation to slow down to the pace of the surrounding natural world. Be drawn into subtlety, spaciousness and allow your curiosity to wander through bodies, leaves, mountains, oceans, trees, birds, breeze. 



Concept & Choreography: Kelly McInnes in collaboration with


Performers: Luciana D'Anunciação, Hayley Gawthrop, Maggie Mcghee, Eddy Van Wyk and The Roundhouse Community Dancers


Exquisite Dust premiered in August 2021 as part of Vines Art Festival at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver, B.C.

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