A MENOS QUE QUIERAS BAILAR (UNLESS YOU WANT TO DANCE) is a collaboration between Mexican artist Areli Moran and Canadian artists Kelly McInnes and Rianne Svelnis.  These 3 performers invite 12 guests to the circle and to participate with their senses in a ceremony of movement, tension and relief, the bizarre, the familiar and the transformative.  Each guest has a specific instruction, resulting in a unique  experience of personal, interpersonal and collective patterning.  The last section of the work is a structured conversation with the guests, based on Liz Lerman`s critical response process.  The voices of the guests are essential to the work as it evolves with every group that it engages. 

Photos by: Gen Gibler 


Goldsaucer Studio

Vancouver, B.C.

Oct 23, 2017

Espacio Expectante

The Dance Centre

Dec19-22, 2017





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